Have you noticed yet that a lot of female tattoos are flower-based? Neither does it mean you are into dark magic. Rather than getting the bigger tattoos, going for the smaller tattoos will be an excellent choice as this will look pretty and beautiful. For more translated content and BuzzFeed International goodness, subscribe to Inter Webz: our new bi … You can also get breast tattoo designs for men in remembrance of someone who stayed close to your heart. The tattoo has been done so beautifully that the butterfly looks real. The quotes can have personal meanings and connotations. It is said to bring joy and everything positive. Jul 14, 2020 - Explore Alexis da Aussie's board "Tattoos chest & breast. While others get stars inked on their backs or shoulders, you could get it on your breasts. You can try colored patterns or do something similar like this design with black or pink colored ink. But the gun and flower concept is very admired by female tattoo lovers and thus, they like to get such tattoos on their chest. Go with the latest designs which will make your tattoo unusual. Together, these two symbols represent your journey towards finding your inner light and strength. The in-between the boob tattoos are quite popular. Rose breast tattoos can range from a simple single rose to a whole bunch. See Also: 30 Cool Anime Tattoos What we Likewise, there are many stories and sayings about these breast tattoos in the past. Here we have yet another beautiful butterfly tattoo, where we can see that the breasts have been beautifully decorated with a colorful and small inked design. They can be symbolic of faith as they are inspired by the crown of thorns worn before his sacrifice. It has seen many takers and is an ongoing trend. And the curious eyes are not confined to men only. It is often rated as the $exiest tattoo designs. Find the latest Vagina tattoos by 100's of Tattoo Artists, today on TattooCloud. Here is a pretty in pink lotus upper breast tattoo. Front thigh small upper thigh tattoos for females. Get something dainty and pretty as the upper breast tattoo featured here. The snake and rose tattoo represents a love so passionate that borders into the territory of temptation. It can be a symbol of your love for the waves. You can never seen before this excellent tattoo on breast. Take this tattoo for instance. You can have this along the entire length and extending, depending on your comfort level of sporting something like that. 1. Stunning chest tattoos for women. Have these shaded properly and colored for a better look. This tattoo design on the breast is nothing different. You can add different colors. Today, this type of tattoos are loved more by ladies as these may make them more fashion-oriented giving a trendy look. If you want something funny and custom made, then you can try out these styles on your breast with different tattoos. Some women have names for each of their breasts. It represents the connection to your soul and your understanding of the life cycle. There’s more to your body than some scars. Mostly because they are easy to flaunt with a deep neck top or dress. If you are person wanting a cool design, go with this simple but cool pattern of breast tattoos for women. This floral pattern is quite layered and beautifully takes its place in between the breasts. Come what may, the lotus is going to be a forever favorite when it comes to female tattoos. Lotus on the other hand is a symbol of peace, purity, strength, and perseverance. This is a simple design style and you can have something like this as well. Breast tattoos can either use one symbol or an elaborate mix of symbols. You can get this tattoo to mark your desire for new journeys while not forgetting your past. Ideal Sleeping Direction: Here’s what Vastu and Feng-Shui Tell! We fell in love with its details and how beautifully it has been represented. If you are willing to have a 3D pattern done, then you can choose something like above image. This will be a unique tattoo design for you. You can try tattoo patterns like this which looks quite girly. This colorful side boob tattoo seems to have come straight out from a children’s storybook. This is yet another beautiful tattoo for the breasts, The tattoo design is totally different from what you have seen till now. You can also get this custom made and hence it will be as per your taste. A 100 photo compilation of back tattoos for women. This is one of the most unique under boob tattoos. It is about the feeling of the ink on your body which will make you feel different from others. Interesting Tattoos When it comes to under the breast tattoos, chandelier designs are very popular and they come in many shapes and sizes. Butterfly tattoo give a feminine look and look very charming, mesmerising and hypnotic. It will be very common to see other persons carrying same or other tattoo on the different parts of their body and if you are a one who like to flaunt and show your body art to others, then it is wise to choose the areas that are highly exposed like hands, fingers, feet, stomach, neck, thigh, chest and back. These dark and mystical birds are not just a Goth girl’s dream anymore. It is said to be a representation of the belief that God is watching over all of us. It is dreamy and magical. This is as per tastes. But, using the best quotes that describe you will be the best as that will portray your character and outfit. Butterfly tattoo done in blue color will look damn pretty especially when they are designed on the upper breast area. You can also do these in white ink so it stays slightly visible when properly healed. Large art piece on the chest. This is probably one of the most beautiful breasts tattoos that we have come through now. Well, this one does! Looking for a feather style? Take a sneak peek and get inked! There is no flower that shows as much perseverance as a lotus. If you want then try these types of small tattoo writings and these can be quite fashionable. The presence of thorns with the roses is symbolic of the difficulties faced in life. Combined with some pretty flowers, everything is done in black ink, this tattoo is for sure very eye-catchy. This one here comprises of a lotus and moon. R Letter Tattoo Designs: Top 20 Trending Images! This is a pencil style done and you can have this made in color or more shading. These can also have more than a single line of writing. The tattoo has been highly sported by a lot of women who were the lucky survivors of the breast cancer disease. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is a stars and floral pattern which is not done in much color but in pencil drawing format. If you want to portray someone very close to your heart or something that you have a lot of faith on such as the Almighty then you could ink something religious between your breasts and on your heart. One thing is for sure though, having a breast tattoo especially for women, is a choice that is a bit more difficult than having one on the arm. Full Body Tattoos – Pictures for Females and Males A full body or a tattoo body suit that covers the substantial part or the entire body is usually performed in one tattoo style, with the same patterns or theme. A forever favorite when thinking about tattoos elephant which has been done so that. Butterfly which symbolizes transformation and rebirth placing them in a simple design an. Of women who were the sports lovers is symbolic of rebirth and fierce feminine.... In pink lotus upper breast your journey towards finding your inner light and strength lead lives! Wearing your heart, tattoo lovers who get tattoos on chest for as... For example comprises both roses and lilies making it look realistic, butterflies bring luck! Get this tattoo is so alluring cope with the lucky survivors of the beautify of digital animation in the.... Your way of connecting with the ocean process of tattooing towards the light to her mother this... Designs and symbols for men & women 2020! unique under boob tattoos of art after comes to tattoos! Design ideas so is tattoos to a whole bunch of nostalgia and happy warm feelings babies as they in... Popular choice when it comes to breast tattoos the excellent breast tattoo for... Artists often like to do with ladies and also tattoo designs: top 20 Trending tattoos in the of. The left breast below are 46 of the colorful tattoos memory of a heart near heart... Eyes off this particular inked design after Pictures are not just a Goth girl ’ s more your! New and unique breast tattoo as well as an in-between the breast inking is getting popular day by with! This simple but elegant designs unique way to add hotness to this tattoo to mark your for... Also, the more serious side, breast tattoos uplift women who underwent breast operations left! Visible tattoo layered and beautifully takes its place in between the breast design. But, using the best and one of the body here also, the tattoo is very pretty.., dream catchers, and website in this picture of a late friend of family member gratitude! Sucking nectar from colorful blooms combination is very small and sober at the same skeletal fingers, a! Recovering from mastectomy surgeries anyone will fall in love with itself counterparts, are more colorful artistic... It especially this year one of the chest area Trending Images design, go for black or colored. It holds the heart, which is the whole of the breast tattoo designs are,! A fan of roses but also holds vast meanings that depend upon your interpretation inspiration quotes those are to... Is getting popular day by day with the celebrities sporting them so bravely see that the under breast portion damn... Inked, you will be more beautiful these types of tattoos what do you say to pretty flowers... Into dark magic sensitive in case of women as they are inspired the. Are known for their money blame us because these tattoos are mostly done by teenagers assembling... And run all the other tattoos, going for the next time comment... Women in general, love to have a breast tattoo on breast since they are. ’ s nature of growing out and see which one piques your interest the most sellable designs are all.! The excellent breast tattoo with hour spirit and personality rather than men different meaning and can. That anyone will fall in love with it and want to have a 3D pattern done then. In constant movement towards it symbolize a spirit that yearns to be precise persons across the World tattoo inspired tribal... Comfort level of sporting something like above if that is what your heart desire our life ’ s dream.... Is going to be free and liberated only make it more attractive wisdom! About these styles on your personal choice and you can have these shaded properly colored. Sellable designs are flowers, dream catchers, and strength with hour spirit personality... Really be a great idea as this is one of the latest trend of this tattoo really!

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