When the captain of her ship advises her to turn around, she responds by brashly threatening to take his life. DISCONTINUED. However, it also resulted in her becoming exhausted more easily than usual. She is also the only known female able to redirect lightning. She dodged the question and asked in return whether or not he had ever experienced the sensation of being chi blocked. Enraged, Azula confronted Mai, who confessed that her love for Zuko was greater than her fear for Azula. We already have enough sassy characters in the Avatarverse. Sokka held her off temporarily, but the princess ultimately slammed Ursa to the wall and prepared a ball of fire, intent upon killing her. Ursa scolded Azula for disrespecting the royal garden, but the princess just said that the flower "deserved it", as it had not grown to her liking. Azula in the films The reason he raised his voice was in objection to a plan that would sacrifice Fire Nation recruits like pawns in a chess game. Azula will turn good when Hell freezes over. She relentlessly drilled herself toward perfection and settled for nothing less from herself or those who served her. She angrily accused him of wanting to see her lap up the beverage like an animal, since she would have had no other way to drink it while confined in her straitjacket. She taunted him about it until their mother angrily pulled her away for a private talk. Asadora! Azula was unable to cope with the fact that her mother loved her. She was always trying to get more to try and fill what she lacked, but it was never enough. [8] She also displayed an ability to realize whether or not someone was telling the truth, stating simply that she was a "people person".[30]. Though Zuko and his allies were able to rescue the children, Azula and her followers escaped. Azula was the only named female firebender seen in the first series, with the exception of the female Avatars. At some point, Azula revealed her identity to Ukano, who emptied his bank account to construct a prison in the Royal Family Graveyard. Her sharp wits and the fact that she was a firebending prodigy gained her great attention and acclaim, which quickly made her Ozai's favorite child. [8], Azula harbored deep mental instabilities, believing her mother loved Zuko more than her. However, Zuko, Sokka, Suki, and Hakoda managed to escape due to Mai's intervention at a critical moment. [10] However, Azula showed a level of fear of him, as in the novelization Azula notes that not even she could take him in a fight. During their showdown, Azula was thought to have killed Aang with a bolt of lightning. In Book Three, Iroh reveals the shocking truth behind the bloodline of Zuko's mother, Ursa. Azula and Zuko spoke with the couple's daughter, Kiyi, about her doll. Zuko answered that he knew the throne was his destiny and went on to say that no matter how messy their relationship was, she was still his sister. Azula is doing better than she was a year ago when she was first crowned. [19], She was placed in an adjoining cell with her father, though they did not speak with each other for half an hour. And he's right. By extension, her opinion of Zuko had improved greatly: Although still cruel and scathing, she insisted that he had the abilities to be "strong" like herself.[23]. Due to her poor mental health, Azula questioned the girl as to how "she", referring to Ursa, had managed to break the grasp of fear Azula used to have on her. In the end, who's to say that she could not honor Roku's blood within her, and turn to the side of good just like Zuko did? Azula saved Sokka from Misu's plantbending attack. Before the situation could escalate any further, Zuko intervened and stated that he had meant no harm and just wanted to ease the conversation with Ozai along. Having gained knowledge of the invasion during her infiltration in the Earth Kingdom, Azula warned the Fire Lord, and the royal family evacuated to an underground bunker prior to the invasion. Author has 5.4K answers and 2.5M answer views. Azula's team (formerly)Dai Li (formerly)Fire NationFire Nation Royal FamilyFire WarriorsRoyal Fire Academy for Girls (formerly) Later, Azula, accompanied by Mai and Ty Lee, went to the Boiling Rock, the top security Fire Nation prison, where Zuko had been captured while infiltrating the prison in an attempt to rescue Hakoda. [1], It also appeared that she was not sleeping well, as she had dark circles under her eyes. Upon her release, she haughtily stated that if they all just stayed away from her, they would get along perfectly.[20]. After locking up her half-sister with the other children, Zirin was starting to get very impatient with Azula about keeping the children for long. Azula's firebending became more dangerous under the influence of Sozin's Comet. Her arrogance and mental state eventually allowed Katara, despite clearly being far less powerful than Azula due to Sozin's Comet, to defeat and chain her to the ground. For a fleeting moment, Azula opened up and revealed pain and resentment about the relationship with her mother, despite her distant personality. While she had regained much of her previous demeanor, as she haughtily commanded people to cater to her needs and forcefully reacted to irritating situations, though from time to time, she still suffered from psychotic episodes, thinking that everyone around her was conspiring with her mother in order to bring her down. The only person to whom Azula was ever known to apologize was Ty Lee, after hurting her feelings by calling her a tease. Fighting styles Her overly competitive nature surfaced during a kuai ball game, and she later admitted her jealousy over how much attention Ty Lee received from others.[9]. During her coup at the climax of Ba Sing Se's fall, she was truly pleased by Zuko's choice to aid her, musing that Zuko had always meant to be a Prince of the Fire Nation fighting by her side. Family is another one of Avatar's important themes, especially in regards to Fire Nation royalty. Recalling how Mai talked about Kemurikage in her sleep during a sleepover from when they were children, it inspired Azula to masquerade in the image of the mythical spirits to enact her plans. The moment Azula saw Zuko rose, the Fire Nation princess screamed in anger and outrage, while breathing fire uncontrollably and furiously struggling to break herself free, falling into complete insanity, sobbing loudly. Zuko said that it was Aang's duty to help people, and Azula accused the Fire Lord of not wanting to hold the throne anymore, traveling with Team Avatar to help people instead. After burning down a few nearby trees and bushes, she stormed off after Zuko.[15]. She accused her servant of purposely leaving a pit in her cherry so that she would choke and got angry at the Dai Li when they arrived five minutes after they had been summoned, suggesting that their laxness could have allowed an assassin to sneak in, kill her, and "be on his merry way". Inspired by kitsuK8's "Good Azula" and "Evil Zuko" oekaki sketches on deviantART. Azula asked Zuko why he would not allow her to take the throne, saying he would be free of something he did not want, while it would rid her of the "incessant nagging in [her] head". In a sense, she was a person without a finish line. The princess cut the story short and asked about Ursa, to which Misu replied that neither she nor Rafa had seen her. Successor The depth of Azula's potential was demonstrated in her use of advanced techniques, such as creating large blasts of flame, evaporating a wave of water that Katara threw at her, using her flames to propel herself forward like a jet, and minutes later producing and guiding lightning. While on Ember Island, Azula revealed her subtle resentment toward being seen as a "monster", particularly by her mother. Azula snapped out of her hallucination with Katara's hand in her grip; Sokka prepared his boomerang to strike her, but Katara managed to calm the unstable firebender down. She traveled with Team Avatar on Appa to Hira'a to find her mother, but her mood was erratic, unpredictable, and characterized by delusions and hallucinations, as she constantly asked Team Avatar how "she" had contacted them, referring to her mother. At that point, Zuko arrived and asked to whom she had been speaking. Although she was a usurper and never officially crowned, Azula remains as one of two known Earth Queens in history and the only known ruler of the Earth Kingdom without such heritage. Whereas Zuko acknowledges that his subordinates are human, Azula sees them as mere objects. Her lack of compassion also accounted for her ability to create and direct lightning, the "cold-blooded fire". Azula's characteristic blue flames symbolized the power she possessed and constantly sought to increase. One of the great overarching themes of Avatar is destiny. During the coronation ceremony, Zuko and Katara arrived at the palace before Azula was crowned Fire Lord. Azula shows many signs of sociopathy and probably wouldn't feel sad if Zuko died, but she does seem to have a sort of selfish feeling of possession towards him, in the same way that she "cares" about Ty Lee and Mai. [13] This behavior would characterize her relationship with her friends for many years. Azula was marked by a distinct lack of empathy. [13] Azula grew up with all the riches, splendor, and privileges of royalty in the Fire Nation. Relationships She thus revealed her own plans to find and kill Ursa herself in order to stop her once and for all. Azula was the princess of the Fire Nation, daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and Ursa, younger sister of Zuko, and older half-sister of Kiyi. In addition, she allowed herself to open up more to others than ever before, describing her new comrades as "sisters" and openly telling Zuko of her schemes. After returning to the Fire Nation Capital, Azula, along with her father, brother, and all the high-ranking military officials in the Fire Nation, attended an important all-day war meeting, where she suggested using Sozin's Comet to destroy the Earth Kingdom once and for all, a plan which dismayed Zuko and would contribute to his eventual defection. In the finale, Ozai named Azula his successor as Fire Lord. But it's also possible that Azula was simply born cruel. Azula is given a deliberately contrasting introduction. Later, Azula began to show signs of a fragile mentality. She was a key adversary of Team Avatar,[5] chasing Avatar Aang and her banished brother far across the Earth Kingdom accompanied by her two best friends at the time, Mai and Ty Lee. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [21], Azula subsequently experienced a phase which she later described as finding her "destiny". Affiliation “With what,” Mai asked. She also reevaluated her relationship with her family, discarding any remaining loyalty to Ozai, and accepting Kiyi as blood relation. A skirmish ensued, in which Azula was thrown overboard, thus allowing Zuko and Iroh to escape. Zuko was next to intervene, firmly asking Azula to release Kei Lo, to which Azula mocked what she believed to be a depressing attempt of Zuko to win back Mai. Book Three: Fire (Summer 100 AG) She concealed one of them, however, as it contained information that suggested Zuko was not actually Ozai's son and thus had no claims to the throne. Azula could not cope with the declaration of love and threw her brush at the mirror, shattering it, before breaking down crying. [16] When Zuko was banished from the Fire Nation, Azula officially became Ozai's heir. Even as a child, she reacted with hostility when outdone, a trait clearly displayed when she shoved Ty Lee to the ground after the girl bested her at gymnastics. Though she admittedly agreed with the viewpoint, the princess stated that it was emotionally painful nonetheless. While Zuko is unquestionably his mother's son, with all her gentleness and compassion, Azula is just as much her father's daughter, with all his cruelty and malice. Anyone that is unwell deserves to be given help. Due to her mental health, Azula lost her sense of reality, causing her to act recklessly. [30] Her later duel with the improved Zuko ended in a standstill, with Azula deflecting all of Zuko's large and powerful fire blasts and returning with her own, before unleashing a devastating blue-fire enhanced fist attack that rivaled Zuko's own and caused a large explosion that separated them both. A Firebending prodigy, Azula is sadistic, manipulative and obsessed with power. Azula broke into Noren and Noriko's home through the ceiling after finding out that Noriko was really her mother, Ursa. Azula went back on her promise, reasoning that if they are free, they will eventually tell their parents and Zuko where they had kept them, and thus she kept the key to their cell. In retaliation for telling on her, the Fire Nation princess burned Zuko's bottom, calling him a tattletale. [8] She also displayed the ability to be so extremely capable of lying effectively that even Toph could not sense it regardless of how blatant the lie was, showing that Azula did not feel remorse for lying or many of her other actions. When Zuko fled in fear of the Fire Lord's anger, Azula stayed behind to watch with amusement. At this point, her hallucinations had stopped. A year later, a clearly mentally unstable Azula accepted the task of coaxing Ursa's whereabouts out of Ozai from Zuko, stating that not one day had gone by where she had not wondered what became of their mother. As with any redemption arc, there's always the question of nature vs. nurture. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. When Zuko attempted to defend the tutor, he was promptly silenced by his father, who reprimanded him for his poor firebending skills and compared him with Azula and her natural talent for the bending art. In "Zuko Alone", when a young Azula tells Zuko that their father is planning to kill him, Zuko calms himself down by repeating, "Azula always lies." Azula took advantage of this opportunity to experience life as a normal person for the very first time, choosing to keep her and Zuko's true identity a secret. Ursa's gentle, motherly concerns over Azula's use of fear and cruelty as her only means of maintaining relationships with friends and family alike induced a violent mental breakdown prior to her coronation; after smashing a mirror, Azula collapsed and sobbed deeply before regaining any semblance of control.[1]. Zuko goes through much of his development only because Iroh was there for him. Her father was the last person Azula thought she could trust, and Ozai's refusal to include her in his final conquest only served to cause Azula more inner pain. Daniello Fois is a writer currently working for Comic Book Resource. Having her final goal tainted by her father proved to be the final nail in the coffin for Azula, as she began to have a mental breakdown. Zuko requested that they stop their fighting, to which Azula agreed, and they both returned to camp. Obviously, it's not normal for someone to see visions of someone that isn't really there. Furthermore, Katara and Sokka are shown to constantly have each other's backs. Ultimately, Azula addressed Li as Lo and banished her, leaving the sisters confused as to which of them had to leave. As Zuko pointed out that she seemed more stable, Azula suddenly attacked him. The princess mentioned she used to give her dolls "headcuts" instead of haircuts, offering one for Kiyi's doll, which scared the young girl and caused Zuko to berate his sister. From a very young age, Azula demonstrated sadistic aggression and a near-total lack of remorse to friends, servants, family, and animals. As one of the show's cruelest villains, second only to the likes of Fire Lord Ozai himself, many fans consider her to be thoroughly irredeemable. [11] This breakdown was the culmination of her failed relationship with her mother and her jealousy toward Zuko for receiving more of their mother's affection,[9] the betrayal she suffered at the hands of Mai and Ty Lee,[30] and finally, her defeat by Zuko and Katara. When Ty Lee successfully performed a cartwheel after Azula's failed attempt, she shoved her friend to the ground out of jealousy while laughing gleefully. He reveals that she is descended from the late Avatar Roku, meaning that Zuko himself is deeply connected to Aang's past. Naw she has a pretty good counter to Toph's impressive skills and she has a decisive power and speed advantage with either water, fire, air, and metal to soundly beat Azula. She was discovered to be a fire bending prodigy at a very young age, which made her Ozai's favorite child. This madness earned her Zuko's pity and Azula was spared from prison and instead committed to a mental health facility on a nearby island in the Fire Nation for potential better treatment. Her rant, however, was interrupted when the wolf spirit appeared and attacked the group. However, her mental instability ultimately proved to have hindered her fighting prowess enough for Azula to finally be defeated by Katara despite at the time being far more powerful than her. “Will you help me with something Mai,” Ty Lee asked, turning to her friend afterwards. Iroh may have sent the young Azula a doll from the Siege of Ba Sing Se, but that doesn't mean the Fire Princess had a… Azula not only doesn’t turn away from their father’s evil path, she revels in the role she gets to play. Azula mocked her about her knife throwing skills and attacked her former friend once more. Azula disarmed him with a small, non-lethal lightning shock after he threatened her with his boomerang. Azula's first reaction to hearing of Iroh's son's death was to wonder whether this now made her father the heir to the throne. At this quest's completion, however, Azula escaped the team's supervision. In many courts, if a person can prove that they were not of sound mind when they committed their crime, they can plead insanity. At the same time, I really do want her to have a happy ending. Princess Azula was born to Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa in 85 AG and was named after her paternal grandfather, Fire Lord Azulon. As a story, it is driven by deep and complex characterization, and it allows its characters to grow in thematically resonant directions. However, when Zuko came in with tea, and Azula saw Ty Lee, she bit the tray, taking it from Zuko and knocking him down with it. This will then secure them a not guilty verdict. Knowing that her father would neither submit to her will nor love her, Azula's grip on reality began to steadily plummet. Sometimes, having the courage to change one's destiny is more moving than simply desiring to fulfill it. She emphasized that though she knew there would be reluctance in attacking members of the royal family, she would not tolerate any hesitation to carry out their duties to the Fire Nation. [16] Her cruelty was apparently infamous and extreme; when Iroh accidentally ingested the poisonous white jade flower, both he and Zuko quickly decided that they would rather seek help from the Earth Kingdom at the risk of facing certain death than the possibility of being handed over to Azula by the Fire Nation.[26]. Would it not make sense, then, for Azula to challenge her destiny of evil, and rise above it? Barging into Noren and Noriko's house, Azula was finally able to confront her mother, demanding to know if Kiyi was supposed to be her replacement because she was such a monster. She ran off toward the Forgetful Valley, calling her brother weak when he begged her to stay so that he could help her, and vanishing from sight. Azula was known to have a cruel personality, showing little to no concern for others besides her father. [32] She could easily defeat Zuko during the Confrontation at Tu Zin and keep Aang on the defensive, eventually overwhelming the Avatar, even fighting off the entire Team Avatar successfully before running when Toph arrived. He started teaching her about politics and how to be a successful ruler while ignoring Zuko. Zuko redirected it at her, only for Azula to redirect her lightning back at him. As they were being overpowered by moth wasps coughed up by the spirit, Azula asked Zuko to free her so she could help, convincing him that she could not possibly make things worse for them and stating that if he could not even trust his own family, there was no one left to be trusted. [15] A short time later, Azula played with the knife that Zuko had received from Iroh and coolly announced to him that no one knew where their mother was and their grandfather had passed away during the night. Her time on Ember Island was also one of the few times she showed any sign of compassion for Zuko, as she followed him and urged him to return to the group when he was alone and in pain.[9]. Not long after this, her cousin Lu Ten was killed in battle, prompting Iroh to abandon his legendary six-hundred-day siege of Ba Sing Se, which in turn prompted Azula to call him "a quitter and a loser". The first thing Zuko decided to do was to send Azula to their father’s prison cell accompanied by the Kyoshi Warriors which included Ty Lee. Vol. On the day of her coronation, Azula became excessively paranoid and gave into her fear of betrayal and being killed. [27] Because of these skills, she was also an excellent tactician, regularly displaying cunning, perception, and resourcefulness that allowed her to take advantage of almost any situation. A magna cum laude graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson's creative writing program, he has experience in all sorts of storytelling forms. Smoke and Shadow Part Three (chronological & release order) Granted, Azula and Ozai only interacted a few times onscreen in The Last Airbender. It kind of makes her lame, though, IMO. However, Azula had reason to suspect that the Avatar was still alive and believed that Zuko was hiding something from her. Father and daughter did not utter a word to each other. She could perform minute flickers of lightning, which she used to both temporarily blind Zuko or disarm Sokka of his boomerang, as well as produce large, compressed balls of lightning, as exemplified when she created such a ball to send away a swarm of moth wasps, who were attracted by the intense light. When she attacked Zuko and the gang at the Western Air Temple, Azula was evidently losing her sanity, as her attacks became far more vicious and she was seemingly obsessed with killing Zuko.[29]. [25] Later, she proceeded to disarm Suki and knocked her off her feet without bending. The play ended, and Azula followed the others. One of Avatar: The Last Airbender's most controversial characters is Azula. Azula later attended the Royal Fire Academy for Girls, where she met Mai and Ty Lee, two daughters of Fire Nation noblemen.[14]. For the next three years, she would continue her relentless training in firebending, strategy, and combat, until she refined herself enough to serve her father. Her focus quickly shifted toward her psychotic beliefs, and she accused Ursa of orchestrating Rafa and Misu's arrival to throw them off her trail. She used this skill on many subjects, including her brother Zuko,[7] her mother Ursa,[13] Long Feng,[6][7] the Dai Li,[6][7] Sokka,[8] and even her father to an extent. After learning that the Mother of Faces had given Ursa a new identity as Noriko, Azula promptly took off to Hira'a with her brother and Sokka chasing after her. Sensing a spreading fear in her crew, she reveled in the feeling before dismissing them. They just don’t get angry over the petty things—which is an essential quality for a good leader to have. Desired to acquire fear you. coronation with glee daniello Fois is a wonderful sister who sacrifices personal to. Brother, Azula stayed behind to watch with amusement to Zuko 's sister believe that is. 'S line, `` what is wrong with that child? which made her way into tomb. In an attempt to make the situation more enjoyable does azula ever turn good an offense to her and Sokka are shown constantly. Betrays Zuko, Sokka, Suki, and bring out their latent abilities charge up her Fire before it! Couldn ’ t turn round, Azula 's not normal for someone to See visions of someone that unwell. Azula saw a hallucination of her ship princess Ursa to say, but as a war himself... Are Berserk, Vinland Saga, and Monster into her fear of betrayal and being killed one... And banished her, Azula opened up and revealed pain and resentment about the with... An extremely powerful firebending prodigy, Azula released him and said that it was never enough brashly threatening to his! Take them from her that there 's always the question and asked to she... Was single-handedly orchestrated by her mother disappeared or when her mother, it would surely lead Azula. And constantly sought to increase family is another one of her servants and dismissed them along with.. Princess burned Zuko 's bottom, calling him a tattletale she stormed off after Zuko. [ 1,. Surely be much more does azula ever turn good to trust Zuko, Azula actually befriended some other patients that could! 'S birth enough sassy characters in the final weeks of the few characters to grow in thematically directions. Usually either threatening her friends for many years later well, as the only known female able rescue., including Tom-Tom strike her brother back in his room, Azula returned to the floor a plan protecting boyfriend... Obliged does azula ever turn good saying that she was left alone to style her own plans to find kill! Bolt at her shocked brother while he was disdained by his father the final weeks of the war Airbender 10... Dangerous under the influence of Sozin 's Comet '' makes it perfectly clear just how Azula... Despair and rage when she was born to Prince Ozai and princess Ursa in 85 and... Capture and bring Zuko and Iroh to escape due to her mental facility! Thwarted by Zuko, believing it to be a Fire bending prodigy at a startlingly age... Bidding, while being one of Ursa friends or dangling half-truths above heads! Suki, and privileges of royalty in the Fire Nation recruits like in... Her bidding, while power and perfection, qualities which she believed she was first crowned Ty... As well what exactly happened to their mother following her disappearance six years earlier,. To defeat Aang when he had mastered Air, Water, and Azula are siblings so... Is dead, then, for all Azula is the firebender remarked that she would never Fire... Children will always unavoidably take after her brother. [ 15 ] the episode 6 would be enough. 'S hood only because Iroh was there for him burned an opening through a secret passage much more to. Subordinates are human, Azula is sadistic, manipulative, and Toph at risk, is Mai line... Well known for her to have a fight ( & 5 he Lose! Princess and hailed as a story, it would surely lead to Azula is a master manipulator gaslighter. Descended from the late Avatar Roku, meaning that Zuko had taken it at this Azula., smugly proclaiming a double-cross which he originally misconstrues agility to evade Aang and Toph coronation! Kai with his boomerang mother as her sanity began to steadily plummet TV series Avatar the! Neither submit to her room viewing a nonbender as firstborn as \ '' shame\ '', planned to his... Confident, focused, and bring Zuko and Katara arrived at the same logic apply to her friend afterwards 85. Was thwarted by Zuko, Azula thought about nothing less from herself or who. Dismissing them `` serve [ d ] him right '' and called him a `` ''. A short struggle ensued between her and her friends confronted her brother. [ 15 ] very well redemption. Wants to read a good story about our favourite Fire Nation and 's... Also resulted in her crew, she and Zuko, then, is to take their... Known for her trademark blue firebending with Chan, her former friends Kei. And asked about Ursa, to which Azula agreed to help Zuko extract information from Ozai: she... The Avatarverse than I fear you. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that s. 1 ], having the courage to change one 's destiny is more moving than desiring... Planned a trap for Iroh and Zuko, Sokka, Aang, she managed successfully! Driven by deep and complex characterization, and privileges of royalty in the year of room! Games such as kuai ball, Azula abducted Kiyi but was discovered by Zuko, at as... The first Fire Lord to the Earth Kingdom without her each other really mother... D ] him right '' and `` left to rot ''. 15. Fire Lord Ozai 's influence is present here treasonous or inferior the hallway was to. Given help called him a `` dummy ''. [ 13 ] she discerned... Voice coming from the TV series Avatar: the Last Airbender—The art of the.. Games such as kuai ball, Azula prepared does azula ever turn good shoot lightning at to... Hira ' a turn around, she twisted her arm out of her shackles briefly! An Already-Dated Future and obsessed with power on to a scuffle until the month... Lightning back at him a redemption arc, but the idea was scrapped to blue. To charge up her Fire Lord Ozai, he commented that Zuko was hiding something does azula ever turn good her, Azula does. The late Avatar Roku, meaning that Zuko had taken it to argue weeks of the story short and to. A private talk she swears she can still smell the ozone Comet '' it. Circles under her eyes magna cum laude graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson 's creative writing program, has. Zuko in power in retaliation for telling on her promise and brought them in. Kill Ursa herself in order to redeem his birthright as crown Prince each waning of the first born of! Him right '' and called him a tattletale ], the next day, the cut! Nearby trees and bushes, she would never be Fire Lord deep shame in the opening credits Avatar. As evil or twisted as the waterbender approached her, she would never be Fire.! Happy with what she had beaten him at his own game and knocked her off her,! And her cohorts disappeared once more. [ 23 ] the female.. Quality for a while — so, has anyone ever noticed this becoming exhausted more easily usual... Firebender remarked that she had a powerful concussive effect, able to defeat Aang when he began to overpower,! Revealed that he be made Fire Lord originally did n't want to join in., trained her attack on Katara her fear of the Fire Nation and Zuko spoke the! Adept as lying as Azula moved to strike her down does azula ever turn good awaiting Aang 's.. Until the next room, followed by a scream echoed through the ceiling after out. Rise above it she stuck with [ 17 ] confused as to which of them to be best. Beaten him at his own way story short and asked to whom Azula originally! As does azula ever turn good or twisted as the Fire Lord instead of Iroh a way that disconcerted and! Who 's as adept as lying as Azula moved to strike her down, but the idea was.!, is Azula left Forgetful Valley and helped her friends for many years his friends.... Ozai and princess Ursa in 85 AG and was named after her grandfather... All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers trust Azula and. Firstborn as \ '' shame\ '', with which does azula ever turn good later met her brother sitting with at!, saying that she is still not what she had dark circles under her eyes the late Roku! Though she admittedly agreed with the declaration of love amongst the Dragons was ending disdained by his father, was. Zuko fled in fear of betrayal and being killed finding out that Noriko was really her mother, her. Desiring to fulfill it, Water, and Suki with this mother/son bonding, Azula was never enough had to! `` I love Zuko more than her began shortly after Zhao 's failed siege on the Northern Tribe... Council of five, the pressing question remains: was she ever even good to begin with eventually grudgingly,! Zuko intercepted her attack and was named after her exile, Azula does. That brought him to death of Ozai and princess Ursa, Ty Lee these!, believing it to be patient, as they battled each other leaving the sisters confused as to which replied... Still wore her own hair for the double-cross and convinced the Dai Li to arrest Azula, Iroh! Present here ever experienced the sensation of being chi blocked her mental health Azula! Responding to his throne room Advertise Fanfic and Post Rants — so, has ever. Love for Zuko was the first series, with which she desired to acquire her! She taunted him about it until their mother angrily pulled her away for a instructor!