Right-wing talk radio Logo . Interactive map of Los Santos and Blaine County for GTA 5 with locations, and descriptions for items, characters, easter eggs and other game content WCTR - Talk Radio (only available in the city of Los Santos ) The Lab - Hip Hop, Synthpop, Dancehall, Rock A lot of forests, two abandoned cabins, and many little secrets! Beyond Insemination: Hosted by Duane Earl. The Blaine County numbers station is a possible myth in Grand Theft Auto V. According to many player reports, while driving through any part of Blaine County late at night, but especially on the border of Los Santos, one will hear Blaine County Talk Radio abruptly turn to static, followed by a robotic female voice reciting random strings of the number in monotone. Hi! Blaine County Talk Radio is a talk radio station found in Grand Theft Auto V. It is one of two talk show radio stations found in the game, the other being West Coast Talk Radio. 96.5 FM Eagle Talk Shows . Blaine County Talk Radio - Talk Radio (only available in Blaine County). iT´S PERFECT FOR ROLEPLAYING! This is a billboard advertising Blaine County Talk Radio in Grand Theft Auto V. Blaine County Talk Radio is one of the Radio Stations in the game Text . www.gtaliferp.weebly.com BoS S4iNt, mj18xx, iSUR3 amBad Friday, Saturday 8pmEST Stream Grand Theft Auto V GTA 5 - Blaine County Talk Radio by FUrtHerAM from desktop or your mobile device Blaine County Radio Community Hour: Hosted by Ron Jakowski. Blaine County, though, is an amalgam of other areas in California, both north and south of Los Angeles - taking inspiration from as far north as San Luis Obispo county (where Morro Bay, Paleto Bay's real-world analogue, is) and as far south as Imperial county (Salton Sea, the Alamo Sea's real-world analogue). I was working hard for a few weeks to create a totally new look for Blaine County, and I think I can share with all of you! Listen to them below. It has a lot of tiny details you have to discover! Radio stations from the critically-acclaimed Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack have started to appear online in full. Blaine County Talk Radio (BCTR) is a talk radio station only available in the Blaine County area, in the Grand Theft Auto V.It is replaced by WCTR, when the player returns to Los Santos.It was founded in 1998, this is a reference to Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.The station is not targetted to any political party in particular, but is noticeably leaning to the conservative side. Bless Your Heart: Hosted by Bobby June and co-hosts Ricky and Samantha Muldoon. Listen to Beyond Insemination With Duane Earl On Blaine County Talk Radio. GTA 5 Radio Station BCTR - Blaine County Talk Radio in it's entirety.